Our Ministries

The Shades are just getting started designing “Phase 2” of their ministry in Nicaragua.  More details will be coming soon.

For now, here is a brief overview of the ministries that they strive to serve in for the people of Nicaragua.

Supporting local Pastors – visiting when they are sick or in the hospital, just visiting to share a meal and some prayer time, visiting to help in their labors to share the gospel and visiting during church, to share in a time of worship and The Word together.  The goal is always simple – to help energize, uplift and encourage them in what they already do – hoping to help them do it with more strength.

Presenting movies with a gospel message – by showing movies that have a clear presentation of the gospel plan of salvation, a local church can garner the attention of many people who would not otherwise come to church.  Of course the offer of free fresh popcorn and cold refreshments is also helpful in getting them to come.  But whatever the reason, they come – and hear God’s gospel message – and Christ’s gift of salvation and forgiveness is offered.

Sharing Manna Packs with those in need of food – it’s hard to focus on anything else when a person is suffering from hunger.  And, I don’t mean the kind of hunger as in “it’s been 4 hours since I ate….”.  I mean the kind that it was yesterday since they last ate, and even then it wasn’t enough.  Because of God’s great provision, we are able to share Manna Packs (a blend of rice, soy and other flavors and nutrients) that feed about 5 people once cooked.  This of course also provides an opportunity to share the gospel message and the sincere love of Christ for all.

Coming soon – carpentry and construction special projects, special evangelism and revival campaigns, helping to celebrate church anniversaries, and possibly a rest retreat for hard working bi-vocational pastors.

Please stay tuned – we’ll be filling in the details soon!  We are working hard, sharing meetings with our Nicaraguan partners and laying a solid foundation for “Phase 2” so that it can be strong from the start and serve for a long time.